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Principal Balthazar

Sheila Balthazar was born in Brooklyn, New York.  A graduate of Brooklyn Technical High School, a mother of four children, continued her education at Hunter College where she majored in Child Psychology and minored in Education.  Her passion for these two disciplines would continue to guide the leadership roles throughout her life. 


Her teaching career began early with her first summer camp job at the age of 15 and she has continued to dedicate her life to the care and well-being of children and families through educational and socio-emotional support.  While in NYC, she served families working for the Administration for Children’s Services in the child protection department, ensuring the safety and well-being of families, assisting the families by facilitating resources such as childcare, economic support, parenting programs and community outreach programs. 


Ms. Balthazar moved to the Tampa, Florida area in 2012 after serving students in New York City for 14 years by cultivating after school and enrichment programs for groups ranging from Pre-school - Grade 8 students.  In that time she acquired roles as a team lead and department head servicing her students and colleagues.  While in Tampa, she earned her Masters in Instructional Education and took on leadership roles at her school as Department Lead Professor and Curriculum Resource Professor which resulted in the position as Assistant Principal at Kids Community College Charter School.  In this role, Ms. Balthazar developed Reading incentive programs that enhanced the Reading scores on her campus and served a staff of 46 with 512 students from Kindergarten to 8th grade. 


She is currently the Principal at Icon Preparatory School in Tampa, FL.  Her youngest daughter is attending the campus as well.  The education of children is crucial to bettering our families and communities.  “To partner with parents and facilitate an enriching, safe classroom environment for their children to learn and grow is my mission.  ”The belief in teaching towards a child’s individual interests, building relationships and assisting them in becoming independent individuals that make good choices to enhance their lives is what she strives for. 

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