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Principal Higgins

Mr. Higgins is widely known as an educator that has the passion and work ethic to motivate the students he works with.  Mr. Higgins holds a Masters of Art Degree in Educational Leadership from University of Cincinnati and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management from University of South Florida.

He is an inspirational leader who has a vision and mission to help students be successful in life.  In 2009, he began his teaching career at Tampa Bay Technical High School where he taught Accounting, Microsoft, Adobe, and business classes for five years.  Receiving ratings as a highly effective teacher led him to pursue administration in 2014 where he transitioned to King High School in the role of Assistant Principal for Student Affairs. 

In 2017, Mr. Higgins won Hillsborough County School District’s highly coveted Tony Dungy Honorary Award for his service in the community with Elite Men of Tomorrow. As an Assistant Principal for Administration Mr. Higgins led the athletics department, student affairs and operations of the school. He was also nominated for the Ida S. Baker Diversity Educator award for the Excellence in Education ceremony.

At Icon Preparatory School Mr. Higgins serves as the Founding Principal. He is an advocate, mentor and father figure for all students. Under Principal Higgins leadership, the majority of Icon Scholars outperform the national average for meeting their growth targets. Most grade levels at Icon Prep exhibited growth larger than the national average for public schools. In some grade levels and subjects students exhibit growth that is over double the national average.

In three years as Assistant Principal for Students Affairs, he led initiatives to reduce the suspension rate, create a more positive culture and engage the community through volunteer work. In 2015, he founded Elite Men of Tomorrow a mentoring organization that helps young men grow through community service, manhood development, business etiquette and social experiences. The program enrolls a mix of at-risk boys with different backgrounds to make sure they graduate from high school and make it to and through college. 

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