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Icon Preparatory School educates over 300 children in grades K-8th. Icon Prep is open to any student in the state of Florida and committed to closing the achievement gap amongst its scholars and more affluent peers. To close the achievement gap among students who live in under-served communities, Icon Prep’s Leadership Team focuses it’s recruitment efforts on students who attend schools that have traditionally been under-served. With a belief that a student’s zip code does not determine their destination, Icon Preparatory School empowers its students to reach their maximum potential preparing them for life in college and beyond.

The Admissions Process:

  • Complete an Icon Prep Enrollment Application,

  • Submit birth certificate, shot record, physical and

  • Submit child's scholarship award letter (Step Up for Students, Family Empowerment, Mckay, Hope, AAA or Icon Scholarship to the Office of Registration.  Families who qualify for Free or Reduced Price School Meals will also qualify for a scholarship.)   

Students who have completed an enrollment application and submitted their scholarship may receive an invitation for FALL Admission.     

For more information, please contact Justin Smith, Director of Recruitment and Registration at 813-967-8300 ext. 3 or .