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Carlisa Felder



Carlisa Felder is a lifelong resident of Tampa, Florida. Mrs. Felder is an experienced educator with a degree in Elementary Education, and is committed to the educated and empowerment of students in the Tampa Bay area. Over thirteen years ago Mrs. Felder began her career at Sheehy Elementary School where she taught first grade and VPK. While there, she was voted Teacher of the Year, and served as a team leader providing instructional leadership to many other educators.


Mrs. Felder served as a mentor for new teachers providing coaching and instructional support to new instructors. She also maintained a highly effective status throughout her tenure as an educator. Mrs. Felder’s commitment to community partnerships, stakeholder relations, and the holistic development of students is evidenced by her involvement in The Student Advisory Council (S.A.C.), and Parent Teacher Association (P.T.A.).


She also serves as the school’s wellness liaison for Humana’s Go365 program. Spending all of her tenure as an educator working Title 1 schools, Ms. Felder is an expert educator who has a proven track record of positively impacting student achievement.  

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